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Percussion ED-iquette Interview

Yesterday Bryce had the pleasure of chatting with percussionist Dan Ornowski, founder of Percussion ED-iquette (check it out here). Dan is a percussionist in Western New York and runs his own private studio, teaches school bands of all levels, and coaches marching bands in the Western New York area. After meeting in Spot Coffee, Dan and Bryce put their heads together to have a great conversation about dealing with performance anxiety for students and performers of all levels and covered a few tangible practices to begin gaining control of your body's stress reactions to performing! Check out the interview here, and be sure to like the video if you enjoy it and comment on this post if you have something to add! Performance anxiety is an increasingly popular topic for musicians and is something everyone should be talking about! Bryce looks forward to following Dan's development with Percussion ED-iquette and to working with him more in the future!

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